Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do I need to take to apply for the Design Department?

As a pre-major in Design you will need to take the following pre-requisite classes:

  • Animation:
  • DESAN 131
  • DESAN 160
  • CSANM 150
  • Graphic Design:
  • DES 111
  • DES 114
  • DES 115
  • DES 117
  • Illustration:
  • DES 111
  • DES 114
  • DES 115
  • DESIL 131
  • Photography:
  • DES 111
  • DES 114
  • DESPH 116

How many times can I apply to the program?


What is the Talent Award and who can apply?

The Talent Award is a tuition award based upon the quality and caliber of student work. The granting of a Talent Award does not mean a student has been admitted to the University. A Talent Award is a scholarship given by the Department of Design to the continuing students in their programs, new applicants, and incoming freshman. These awards are not given as cash awards.

How do I apply to the Talent Award?

Applicants are to submit an online application and a portfolio to (website link). The application will come online one month before the due date which is February 1st of each year. There will be an instruction sheet posted with the portfolio guidelines.

Can I apply to more than one area with the Talen Award?

Instructions can be found on the website, along with the portfolio guidelines. (Website link)

Who do I talk to about Internships?

Students should begin with their faculty on finding an internship that is appropriate for their major of study. Once they have found an internship the student needs to contact Stephanie Miller, 801-422-8773, for the instructions on filling out the application and receiving credit for the internship.

How can I find out more about internships?

Talk with your Major faculty or Stephanie Miller in the Department Office (E509 HFAC).

I'm an incoming freshman-what do I need to know?

(Link to paper we hand out)

What's the acceptance rate for each program?

Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography accepts 30 students a year. Animation accepts 25 students a year. This includes all applications (Talent Award, Feb 1st and April 1st, and August 1st).

These are Limited Enrollment Programs and the acceptance rates are as follows:
Animation 32%
Graphic Design 37% 23%
Illustration 49% 31%
Photography 79% 36%

How long do most students take to finish the programs?

The BA can be finished in 4 years, the BFA in 5 years.

How can I apply to the department?

New students the Application dates are April 1st and August 1st you can see the Application instructions on the website. Remember the application comes online on month before the application is due.

Transfer Students the application dates must meet the same dates that BYU has posted for entering BYU, they are February 1st and October 15th each year.

How do I find out about what jobs I can get with my major?

Please refer to the back of your major MAPS for this information as it differs with each major.

How can I meet with a faculty member?

Each semester the faculty teaching will have office hours. You can contact the office (E509 HFAC) for those office hours two weeks into the semester. Adjunct Faculty do not have offices to visit in so you can get the emails from the office and contact them directly. (Provide link to Faculty page on website)

Where can I find faculty members' office hours?

The Department of Design office in E509 HFAC and on Learning Suite.

How can I find art related jobs while I am in college?

Visit or check the bulletin boards on the 4th and 5th floors (A & B wings) for postings of jobs.

Who is my academic advisor and how do I set up an appointment? (I think it is good to have this info in a variety of places)

New students accepted to their major(s) should make an appointment with their area head please see link on website for faculty area head emails. They will have office hours and you will have to email them for an appointment.

Who do I talk to in the Advisement Center about my classes?

Pre-Major students should make an appointment with Randa Alvord (801-422-3777) and current students need to make an appointment with Julee Brathwaite (801-422-377).

What classes are required for graduation and when are graduation deadlines?

Please make an appointment with the Advisement Center. They are located in D444 HFAC, 801-422-3777.

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