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Animation Application Information
High School Prep


While still in high school, you can do the following things to prepare for the Animation program at BYU:

  • Take any art courses offered at your high school- AP Art, Figure Drawing, Traditional Animation, Art Foundations, etc. While these courses will not be counted as a pre-requisite to the Animation program, faculty members recommend prospective students to take advantage of any courses offered prior to high school graduation.
  • Apply for a talent award/department scholarship award in December. These applications are available 30 days prior to the deadline and are available to prospective BYU students. In addition, if you are given a talent award or department scholarship, you automatically bypass the first application process. This means you would be recognized as a pre-BFA students and you would simply take DESAN 101, CSANM 150, DES 150, and DESAN 160 before applying to the BFA program in June. For more information about Talent Awards and Department Scholarships, please visit our Financial Aid page.
  • Start carrying around a sketchbook at all times, drawing from life rather than from cartoons or computer images. The most important aspect of an animation portfolio is the ability to draw proportions accurately (especially of human figures), so practice drawing realistically.
  • Attend the Design Department's "Design Week", hosted once a year during the summer. For more information, visit the Design Week webpage.


As a new student to BYU and prospective Animation major, you must declare your major as Pre-Animation. This status does not guarantee admission into the program and can be changed at any time, but gives you access to the first pre-requisite course, DESAN 101. To declare as a Pre-Animation student, please visit MyMAP or contact the Advisement Center at (801) 422-3777.

After declaring yourself as a Pre-Major, register for the pre-requisite, DESAN 101. Keep in mind that it takes a couple hours and sometimes days to register your Pre-Major status, so do well in advance to the day you hope to register for courses.

During DESAN 101, the professors will give more information on what the Pre-BFA portfolio review will require. The reviews will be open 3 times a year and you will have the opportunity to apply one additional time if unaccepted during your first review.

If your portfolio review is successful, you will then be promoted to Pre-BFA status.


After being promoted to Pre-BFA status, you will then have access to the next 3 pre-requisite courses: CSANM 150, DES 150, and DESAN 160. Complete these three courses in any order prior to applying for the Animation BFA program.

BFA portfolio reviews and applications are reviewed once a year in June, and more information on the application process will be available as the deadline approaches. You may review the current requirements for the BFA application, but keep in mind that it is subject to change.

If you are not accepted into the program after your first application, you will have the opportunity to submit a portfolio the next portfolio review in June. If unaccepted the second time, faculty members will then recommend you to pursue another major.


In order to apply to the BFA in Animation, you must have successfully completed DESAN 101 and have been promoted to Pre-BFA status. If you have not been accepted as a Pre-BFA Animation student, please review the Pre-Major tab.

DEADLINE: June 1st 11:59pm


1. 5-10 of your best figure drawings from DES 150: Introduction to Life Drawing

2. 1 Animation sample-preferably 2D traditional Animation from DESAN 160: Intro to 2D Animation Skills. (Upload a playable file in Quicktime, SWF, AVI, etc with a 60 MB limit.)

3. 2-5 samples of 3D graphic images from CSANM 150: 3D Graphics.

4. Up to 5 other creative works in any medium that demonstrates your skills.

5. A physical sketchbook which is due on the the same day as the application. Make sure your name (first and last) and contact information is clearly written at the front of your book. This must be delivered to E509 HFAC on or before 11pm or sent to the following address: Department of Design E509 HFAC Provo, UT 84602.


During your time in the Animation BFA program at BYU, you will have the opportunity to collaborate on larger projects, perfect traditional and computer Animation skills, network with various studios, and learn from celebrated faculty members. For more information about the courses available to Animation students during the program, please visit the BYU Animation Undergraduate Catalog.

Applications to the Animation BFA are due in June.



Animation majors are required to supply their own computer to complete the majority of their coursework, but highly specialized technology is made available in department labs and classrooms for certain courses. Recommended configurations are a laptop with a NVIDIA graphics card and at least 8GB of ram. Most people in the major use PC’s, but any brand works well. As for software, students use photoshop and MAYA (the software websites have computer recommendations). The BYU store carries a full line of discounted computers, accessories, and discounted software subscriptions.


Prospective BYU students wishing to be admitted into the Animation program for Fall semester must first apply to BYU through BYU Admissions. Admission to BYU does not guarantee admission into Department of Design degree programs.

Transfer Students

Transfer students applying for admittance to the Department of Design are asked to submit portfolios on the department's application portal, which are reviewed year round. To find out more information, please visit our transfer student page or contact our office.


Our program has excellent experienced faculty who will work personally with you as you progress through the program. Professors will be mentors, offering advice and direction. Our faculty are all award-winning, established animators with years of teaching professional experience. Visit our faculty page to see individual bios, contact information, or work they have completed.