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Design Dept COVID-19 Updates


For official BYU policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please visit:


In an abundance of caution and until further notice, the Department of Design office will be closed and switch to an online presence only where staff will work remotely. We will be available to answer questions through email and will help in any way that we can. For assistance, contact the office at

Winter 2020 - classes will continue to be through remote instruction.
Spring 2020 - All courses at BYU, including its Salt Lake Center, will be through remote instruction.

Each student will have a choice regarding how their final grade in each class is recorded. At the end of this semester only, faculty will submit a letter grade. Students can then choose to keep the standard grade given or move to a pass/fail for each specific course.

Standard Grade A-C = Pass
Standard Grade D-F = Fail

Pass and Fail grade will not affect GPA. A "Pass" will count as a passing grade and a completed academic credit. For this semester only, a "Fail" will not adversely affect GPA and no credit will be given for that course.

Health officials are encouraging social distance and as such it is preferred that you not come in to the labs but rather stay home/go home and finish the semester from there. Certain labs will continue to be open, but working from home is the preference if you have access to a good computer that runs the software you need.

The Letterpress and Graphic Design Resource Room are closed. If you need access to the letterpress, please email Audrey Hancock -

Print Lab:
The Print scan lab will move to appointment only hours. Students should sign up for an appointment at:
Or for direct access:

The RISO lab will move to appointment only hours. Students should sign up for an appointment at: RISO Lab
Or for direct access:

BFA Labs:
While BFA labs remain open, we encourage you to work remotely whenever possible. If BYU policy about building access changes, we will update this page.

Study Abroad:
All Spring study abroad programs have been cancelled, no matter the location in the world. This includes Study Abroad Field Study, Internships, Externships, Executive Program Experience, and any other mentored student learning experiences.

Department Events:
In light of state, church and local government recommendations about holding large meetings, the following Department events have been cancelled:

Student Awards Night: April 1, 2020
While we can't hold our annual award party, we will still be awarding thousands of dollars of scholarships to deserving students. Student winners will be notified about their awards via email and we will find other ways to celebrate their remarkable achievements.

Annual Design Student Show: April 10-27
The annual student show has been postponed until the Fall.


Due to current circumstances, the Department of Design has moved the June 2020 BFA application deadline for Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography to June 12th.

All BFA applications will be submitted through Slideroom, and will open 30 days prior to the deadline. The application will close at 11:59pm on June 12th, with no grace period. No physical portfolios or sketchbooks will be dropped off. Everything will be digital.

Each area is in the process of updating requirements for the upcoming BFA application. We are hoping to have that information to all interested parties before Winter semester ends (by mid-April).

The Design BA application deadline will remain June 1st

Pre-majors, students granted PRE-BFA status, and students on the old BA track may schedule one informal portfolio appointment as outlined below, to receive guidance regarding their portfolio, within their major area, prior to applying.

Graphic Design:
Email the Graphic Design Resource Room ( to set up an online appointment to meet with one of the faculty members to review your portfolio.

You may email a PDF of your portfolio or link to your website (Note: Social Media Accounts will not be accepted) to one illustration faculty member to review.

You may email one of the photography faculty members to set up a one time portfolio review.

To find faculty contact information click on the People tab above.

Pre-BFA applications for Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography will still open on March 14th and will close at 11:59 pm on April 14th. To complete your application, please follow this link:

Physical sketchbooks for Illustration Pre-BFA and Graphic Design Pre-BFA applications are no longer required. Please visit the following link for updated sketchbook requirements:

Graphic Design:

ILL PRE-BFA Application Info 2020


Students who need access to computer labs may still access certain lab spaces to work on their class projects.

The project producers are trying to figure out how to move forward. Please fill out the link below so we know if you have access to Maya/Houdini/Unreal/etc. BYU is working on some remote login software situations but until that is solved, we need to know what students have access to.

The group projects continue to move forward but will be slowed temporarily as we get further instruction from the university. If you can work on them from home then please do so and continue to make progress. If not, we suggest you wait for further instruction from the program, department, and the university. We will be flexible with the projects but hopeful to continue them without much delay.

Graphic Design:
There will be no further receptions for BFA Capstone shows. For students displaying their work from March 13-26th, they are still welcome to hang their show and display photos online. For individual BFA capstone project concerns, please contact your faculty mentor.

Following the University directive, we will not be holding an opening reception for the BFA show this year. However, we do still want you to hang the show if you would like to participate! We will be installing the show tomorrow (March 13th) as planned, and your work will be seen by everyone that comes through the HFAC, including your very proud faculty and family.

We will also be creating a website to showcase the work of the graduating class. Please expect follow up emails with further directions.

The photography Spring field trip has been cancelled. BYU has suspended all domestic and international travel.

For individual BFA capstone project concerns, please contact your faculty mentor.


Domestic Internships:
If the internship provider continues to operate and is willing to maintain its relationship with the BYU student, and if the BYU student considers the work and residency environment safe, the student may opt to complete the internship on site. If either the internship provider or the student wishes to terminate the internship before it is completed because of safety risks associated with COVID 19, the internship may be terminated and the student should follow the instructions below for completing internships. If students determine they need to discontinue the internship for safety reasons, but the internship provider objects for any reason (e.g., the student is compensated for work upon which the provider relies), the student should contact the Office of Experiential Learning and Internships for assistance on how to properly terminate or amend the internship and employment relationship.

Completing Internships:
Students who are unable to compete an internship as planned may be able to make up incomplete internship work in a subsequent semester. Supervising faculty will help any students who are unable to defer internship work to another term or semester (because they are relying on their internship to partially satisfy immigration status, graduation requirements, financial aid criteria, etc.) by making necessary and reasonable accommodations, including alternative assignments or experiences, that allow the student to receive internship credit for the semester or term in which they were originally enrolled.

Internships Not Yet Started:
All new BYU internships, domestic and international, are suspended until further notice. On-campus internships and other experiences that can be managed through digital communication are excepted from this suspension.


The CFAC Advisement Center is now working remotely. They will be available by phone M-F 8:00am - 11:00am (801-422-3777), and will be working from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. The advisement center website: will be updated as needed.


The Gallery Woodshop is open from 9am-5pm for students to still come pick up their work from the Mayhew show, but is closed for Woodshop use for the time being.

Future exhibitions for winter semester are suspended. Follow directives of your program/department for alternative options to final shows.

Annual student shows are currently on hold, alternatives are currently in development.


Having to figure out how to finish the semester remotely is stressful. BYU OIT has laptops that can be borrowed for the remainder of the semester. Follow this link for more information: Learn Anywhere
If that doesn't work for your needs, the Design Department has some resources available for checkout as well:

Adobe has temporarily made the Creative Cloud suite available to all students. This will be granted through May 31, 2020 at no additional cost.

Here are the basic instructions for students:

  • Download the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app from
  • Run the downloaded installer
  • Login to the Creative Cloud Desktop app with your and password
  • Use the Creative Cloud Desktop app to download any of the desired Adobe Creative Cloud application

If you have any questions please call OIT: 801-422-4000


The Department is hopeful that any student who chooses to continue working remotely can do so. We will make every effort to facilitate this when possible. Please reach out to your supervisor and communicate your plans to assure that the transition to remote work is feasible. For official BYU policy about student employment during COVID-19 closure, please see: Student Employment During the Covid-19 Closures


BYU Events
For official BYU policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please visit:

Spring 2020 Commencement & Convocation
The University has canceled Spring 2020 convocation and commencement.