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Design Dept COVID-19 Updates 9/4/20


For official BYU policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please visit:

In an abundance of caution and until further notice, the Department of Design office will have an office specialist work within the office (E509 HFAC) only on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30-2. Secretaries will be working remotely all other week days to respond to phone calls and emails.

Health officials are encouraging social distance and as such it is preferred that you not come in to the labs but rather stay home/go home and finish the semester from there. Certain labs will continue to be open, but working from home is the preference if you have access to a good computer that runs the software you need.
The Letterpress and Graphic Design Resource Room are closed. If you need access to the letterpress, please email -

Print Lab:
Students should sign up for an appointment at:
Or for direct access:

Students should sign up for an appointment at: RISO Lab
Or for direct access:

Lab Policies and Procedures:
Self symptom check before entering a lab or shop. 
Masks are to be worn while in a lab or shop. 
Please social distance. 
No heavy editing is allowed in a lab, only what you need to prepare your file for print. 
Print Lab use is by appointment only. 
Appointments can be made for printing, vinyl cutting, and scanning. 
You may walk in to use the campus printer, but must schedule an appointment to do anything else in the Print Lab. 
The Print Lab will be closed between appointment slots to allow time for TAs to wipe down surfaces. 

Friday Figure Drawing Lab:
Until further notice, the open Friday Figure Drawing Labs are cancelled.

Hand Sanitizer and Masks:
The Department of Design can provide department masks and hand sanitizers for students who would like them. Please drop by our office (E509 HFAC) during our office hours to pick up a mask or sanitizer.

For official BYU policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please visit:


While we are not hosting receptions of any kind, if you find yourself on campus, stop by the HFAC to see some current work by Art and Design students.


The wood shop in room B315 is open again for regular hours, 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. Wood shop availability is subject to change at any time. Summer is always low-traffic anyways, but gallery staff may decide to limit capacity in the wood shop for social distancing safety purposes. A mask is required at all times in the wood shop; it is strongly recommended you bring your own but we do have a small supply of disposable masks available if you arrive without one. Students must have previously received training and present their shop card to gallery staff at time of use. If you need to use the wood shop but have not previously received training, please contact the gallery director-

For official BYU policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please visit:


The CFAC Advisement Center is now working remotely. They will be available by phone M-F 8:00am - 11:00a, (801-422-3777), and will be working from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday - Friday. The advisement center website: will be updated as needed.