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Graduates' time at BYU culminate in final BFA show

At the end of this past semester, incredible works of art illustration decorated the BF Larsen gallery. These projects entertained and inspired students, professors, and staff on their daily commutes through the HFAC. All this talent and artistry were the products of Department of Design students’ capstone projects— the culmination of their work and skills from their time at BYU.

These vivid and creative projects illustrated ideas from mythical desert adventures to worldwide festival foods to newspaper clippings and post-its of conspiracy theories. Each student chose to develop a highly professional and individual project which expressed their talents and interests while also furthering their careers.

A culmination of what students learned from their years at BYU, these projects were far from cookie-cutter assignments. Each student chose something they were deeply passionate about and that represented the most intriguing and enchanting aspects of illustration. This makes each project the result of more than just skill, but intense care and heartfelt intention.

“For this project I just wanted to do something that I loved,” says Michelle Clyde, who presented various oil paintings detailing everyday Chinese life. “I served a mission in Taiwan and have felt close to Chinese and East Asian culture ever since. I wanted to depict the beautiful scenes and people in the way that I like best— candid and not retouched.”

Student’s time at BYU has taught them more than formulas for creating art, but how to think outside of the box and push the limits of their talent and creativity. Other displays ranged from concept art ideas for films, video games, and graphic novels to re-illustrations of children’s books and pop-up shops.

As these students leave BYU and enter the industry, these projects work to open professional doors. “Midnight Academy doesn't end here!” says Eliza Anderson, who designed concept art for animated retelling of folklore. “I hope to continue to develop and make art for this project. Maybe one day it will be in theaters!”

This exhibition of student work represented both their personal commitment and passion for illustration as well as the Department’s commitment to them and giving students resources and tools to succeed.

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