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Illustration is the art of expressing ideas through images. Combining professional skills and creative imagination, an illustrator is able to stimulate interest, evoke emotions, and provide insight.

The Illustration program at BYU prepares students to excel as illustrators and artists in the evolving creative industry. As members of a small cohort group, students learn to develop competitive portfolios which enables them to find opportunities in publishing, editorial media, advertising, entertainment, and fine art. Graduates from our program establish themselves professionally, and are recipients of many awards. The program offers field trips, internships, and study abroad experiences as a bridge to professional practice. Students in the program benefit from frequent visits from nationally and internationally acclaimed artists from across the country, who share their unique insights and experiences.


How Do I Get Into The Program?


1. Apply and be accepted to BYU

2. Sign up as a PRE-Illustration major online through your mymap or at the advisement center - 1090 WCCB.




3. This is the first step towards your Illustration BFA: take DESIL 101.

4. Apply for the PRE-BFA in December, April, or June. (you can only apply twice)

—————————————DEC APR JUN—————————————


DES 150



5. The PRE-BFA is the next step towards the Illustration BFA, once you are accepted, then take the three courses listed: DES 150, DESIL 130 & 140.

6. Apply for the BFA in June

(you can only apply twice).



Take classes in the Illustration BFA major starting Fall Semester with your fellow BFA student cohort.

I'm In - Now What?


While an internship is not required for Illustration BFA students, the opportunity provides crucial professional abilities, including design skill application in a real working environment, communication skills, and effective collaboration. Additionally, The Department of Design encourages all design students to enhance their academic education with an internship related to their field of study. Receiving hands-on work experience within a professional setting, helps students assess their interests, gain confidence, and develop professional skills


Prior to graduation, Illustration BFA students are required to complete an individual Capstone project. The capstone incorporates the following areas of academics: research, writing, history and context, presentation, and markets and business. Upon completion of their capstone project, students are encouraged to present their show in a physical space, often in Design Department Gallery- 1313

After Graduation


Illustration graduates find opportunities as illustrators and artists in diverse genres within the creative industry. Illustrators utilize a variety of media to create artwork for children's books, young adult fiction, genre fiction, graphic novels, motion illustrations, gallery art, product design, textiles, interactive design, and corporate or institutional publications. Illustrators often work in-house for production companies, in design studios, or as freelance artists and creative entrepreneurs.


Upon graduation, many BYU Illustration Alumni have gone on to work for major studios, including Disney, Pixar and more, work in-house for production companies, in design studios, or as freelance artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Justin Kunz / Area Head
Bethanne Andersen
David Habben
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