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Students in the BYU Illustration program develop skills that prepare them to excel in competitive and evolving markets. As successful professional illustrators, the faculty bring their real-world experiences and insights into the classroom. Courses prepare students to manage the professional business and marketing aspects of their careers. BYU Illustration students continue to win many prestigious awards, and graduates enjoy excellent opportunities for professional placement in the discipline. The Illustration program offers merit-based scholarships and brings internationally acclaimed artists to present and discuss their work. As a bridge to professional practice, the program provides opportunities for students to participate in conferences, field trips, internships, and study abroad.


How Do I Get Into The Program?

I'm In - Now What?


While an internship is not required for Illustration BFA students, the opportunity provides crucial professional abilities, including design skill application in a real working environment, communication skills, and effective collaboration. Additionally, The Department of Design encourages all design students to enhance their academic education with an internship related to their field of study. Receiving hands-on work experience within a professional setting, helps students assess their interests, gain confidence, and develop professional skills


Prior to graduation, Illustration BFA students are required to complete an individual Capstone project. The capstone incorporates the following areas of academics: research, writing, history and context, presentation, and markets and business. Upon completion of their capstone project, students are encouraged to present their show in a physical space, often in the Harris Fine Arts Center.

After Graduation


Graduates from the BYU Illustration program have a mastery of life drawing based on deep observation and a clear understanding of anatomy, proportion, movement, balance, foreshortened perspective, a high degree of three-dimensional structure through application of Chiaroscuro (soft form and hard edged cast shadows), composition, and drapery (folds). These skills prepare them to work in major illustration or animation studios, design firms, or freelance work.


Upon graduation, many BYU Illustration Alumni have gone on to work for major studios, including Disney, Pixar and more.

Justin Kunz / Area Head
Bethanne Andersen
David Habben
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