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The Design Department encourages all design students to enhance their academic education with an internship related to their field of study.

Receiving hands-on work experience within a professional setting, helps students assess their interests, gain confidence, and develop professional skills.

Internship Credit

Go to Careers & Experiential Learning to learn about the internship process and how to receive academic credit for your internship/job experience. First, click this link to go to the Internship Application homepage. If you need step by step instructions on how to submit an internship application, click here.

How do I get an internship?

Securing an internship is similar to the process in obtaining a job: you must find, apply and receive an offer. It is recommended that you contact the internship coordinator in your program to discuss possible opportunities and/or interests. Browse Handshake, the online job board as employers periodically post opportunities. Receive the department's bi-monthly newsletter for highlighted opportunities. Reach out to local organizations that are of interest and inquire about internship opportunities.